Iran refuses to help 'self-serving' US fight ISIS

Islamic fighter waving ISIL flag and a weapon

The ISIS threat is testing nation's allies when we are forced to pick sides in the possible war with ISIS. Iran has already taken a stance to not get involved with the problems between the US and ISIS. Many people are relieved that we aren't partnering with Iran to fight ISIS, because  I saw no point in cooperating with a country whose hands are dirty and intentions murky," says the American ambassador in Iran. However the tension and distrust growing between Iran and the US could mean that we could be fighting another enemy in the possible war with ISIS.


Ideals in this story

Ideals shown in this story are Democracy and Liberty.

These ideals are expressed in this in this article because Democracy and Liberty are what we are fighting for. Having an ally against ISIS could be the turning point of the fight, but Iran's trust and dependability waver. The ISIS is a serious threat, and we need to pick our allies carefully or it could cost us our Democracy and Liberty.

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