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Share some IBM C4040-252 exam questions and answers below.
Customers purchase two new POWER8 servers, each connected to its own DS8870. Customers want to realize high availability, reduce the downtime to a minimum. 100 kilometers are apart between the two systems. Which solutions can meet customer requirements?
A. Use the DS8870 data replication function to carry out data replication across sites.
B. Creating dual VIO server on each POWER8, and multiplying the total number of the adapter in each machine.
C. combine PowerHA Enterprise and the DS8870 data replication capabilities to achieve automatic failover across sites.
D. Using DS8870 data replication and PowerHA Standard Edition to perform cross-site automated node failover transfer.
Answer: C

Customers are more worried about a single point of failure (SPOF), because there is a system control unit (SCU) in the proposed E870 solution. Which of the following can effectively solve customers' worry of single point of failure?
A. redundant SAN fiber optic connector is used for connecting SCU to E870.
B. both redundant system clock and the service processor are in the SCU.
C. can add a redundant SCU in order.
D. Adopting redundant Virtual IO Server can alleviate this fear
Answer: B

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