A,B,C booklet

by: Wesley Peoples

A; Advice. One peice of advice is do not get on a teachers bad side. Another is to always have your things in class. One more is to always go to lockers when you are suppose to. Some advice I needed was to not be scared after first day.

B; for Bad. One bad thing is when I got into a fight. I was so good up until then. I gained to never let anyone talk you down and always tell a teacher.

C; for Changes. The thing that changed this year was I cared more for my grades. When I didn't care I still did good. But you always do better when you care so you need to care.

D; for Difficult Decisions. One is to make good friend choices. I like cool friends but they're not always the best. The second one is to make better choices of what do like to not hit go tell a teacher. It is so easy to just go and tell then to make a scene.

E; for Exciting or Embarrassing Moment. One Exciting moment was when I came to Madras on the first day. It was so fun because all the teachers are so nice. I liked my schedule because I had classes with my friends. That is one thing exciting. I love ms. Meza I hope everyone gets her for 6 grade.

F; for Friendship.

Friendship is easy to come by but hard to leave. It is one of the things that you don't always need. You might want them but it's not that bad without them. It's so hard to leave them behind in 6 grade.

G; for Growth. Some goals that I accomplished this year was to make at least 20 100's on test. Another one is to pass all of my classes. The last one is to not spread any rumors about people. Those are some of my goals that I have had this year.

H; for Hardest. To be completely honest, literature/language has been the hardest to me. Because we've done so many projects. The teacher was very nice but it was very hard.

I; for Identity.  My sister has the biggest  influence one me. She has taught me so much. She loves to tell me things about my grades. I love my sister.

J; for Junk. I have a little bit of junk like everyone does. I have cleaned it out several times this year. I only have binders in there now though. That is my junk in my locker.

K; for Key. My key to success this year was the teachers. They were the key because if I had a problem then they would help with it. I love all of my teachers though.

L; for Lasting memory. One memory that will come back is the ALS ice bucket challenge on the teachers. It was the best thing teachers did. I loved watching them do it. I loved the teachers after that.

M; for Music. I listen to pop. Well it hasn't changed that much. It changed drone country to pop. I still like both though.

N; for Nervous moment. One nervous moment was the exams. The exams were so easy. I handled it by doing it. I loved them because it was so easy to finish.

O; for Opinion. Two things a teen would come by is homework and projects. Homework is easy to me. Projects are the things that get me. I love them both so much.

P; for Pet Peeves. One pet peeve is a bad grade. I have came by a few this year. It is hard to over come.

Q; for Quote. “Don't let anyone dull your sparkle.   By Wesley. This quote stands out as me. It stands out to me because I can't get dull.

R; for Regrets. One regret I have is not being able to do all my work in one class. It was a paragraph so it wasn't that hard. But I still regret that moment.

S; for Satisfaction. When I made a 112 on a test in music appreciation. I was so happy. I was glad that I had this class after all.

T; for Time well spent. The time I was in class and I said turtles. It was laud. I was so scared I was going to get in trouble.

U; for U-Turn. I relived that I could have mad a better grade when I spelled things right. It was fine though. I could have did better.

V; for Vacant. I remember the first day when I was nervous. It was fine. It was the best day of the 6 grade. I'm happy to say that the teachers were so nice.

W; for Watchful Eyes. One thing I like to think about is people. I like to think about people because i am a person. I love people now days especially.

X; for X'ed Out. One thing that I would X out is the grades. The grades that were horriable.  I would really go back and redo all of them though.

Y; for Youth memories. One memorie is the time I got into a fight. It fills like it will always tracking me down. I hate it.

Z; for Zoo Relations. One animal that connects to me is a cheetah. I'm fast and fierce. That is why it relates to me.

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