Suzanne Collins:

Quick Biography:

          Suzanne Collins was born on August 10, 1962, in Hartford, Connecticut. She is the daughter of  an Air Force member who inspired many of her books. Before Collins started writing books, she was a successful writer for children's television shows.  Since the start of her career, Suzanne Collins has written two very successful young adult series, The Underland Chronicles and The Hunger Games. She has also written a couple of picture books for younger children.  

Character Traits:

Creative-  She came up with the idea of The Hunger Games while flipping through tv channels.  She came up with the idea of The Underland Chronicles while thinking about the Alice and Wonderland story.

Inspirational- Writes books to teach kids of all ages about war. Teamed up with charities such as World Food and Feeding America to fight world hunger.

Accomplished- Had her Hunger games series made into four movies. Sold over 50 million paper and electronic copies of her Hunger Games series.

Books Written By Suzanne Collins:

  • The Year of the Jungle
  • When Charlie McButton lost power
  • The Hunger Games
  • Catching Fire
  • Mockingjay
  • Gregor the Overlander
  • Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane
  • Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods
  • Gregor and the Marks of Secret
  • Gregor and the Code of Claw

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