Theme connection activity

By: Jasper Van Cauwelaert and Seiler Burr

The Poem

Connection to Current Event

link to current event: making-us-less-human--1171002

Connection: The short story, the Pedestrian, the article, and the poem all warn the reader that technology is making us less human. All three show how the over-reliance on technology diminishes the social interaction between one another and ultimately would lead to the demise of Man. Because of the over reliance on technology, the society would begin to dissipate and eventually cease to exist. All three writings maintain the theme that over dependence on technology will result in the degradation of society and the backtrack of intelligence. They also all warn the reader of this impending situation.

Connection To Fahrenheit 451

The Pedestrian, the poem, the article, and Fahrenheit 451 all share a common, central message. The over dependence on technology will result in the decay of society. In the Pedestrian a man walks through the streets of a city, the city's people having become so consumed by technology that they no longer interact between themselves, instead the remain at home staring at a television screen. In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury illustrates the effects of the over dependence on technology through the character Mildred. She has become so obsessed with her wall to wall television and her sea shell radio that she no longer removes them to speak to her husband. She also begins to care more for her material possessions than she does about Montage, her husband. In the article the author argues that the development of social networking technologies are actually decreasing face to face communication between people. this would eventually lead to the breakdown of society. In the poem the author directly states that because of human reliance on technology,  "man's intelligence has begun to backtrack"(An Essay On Man: Man vs Technology). All four of these writings express the authors concern and worry for the future, a future with a degraded society brought about by the over reliance on technology.

The End

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