Apps In the Class

Applications that can be used in a K-12 classroom setting:

1.) Awesome Upstander App. This app would facilitate a dialogue about bullying and help students build their own moral ground by becoming willing to stand up to bullying they might witness. It could prove to be a great way for children to develop courage and the know-how for social situations. I think this is an ideal venue in which students will feel comfortable reading the cartoons and videos about this often touchy subject. After students experience the app there could be a classroom discussion, and teachers will guide their students on how to report any bullying.

2.) Edmodo App. There is great potential for connectivity  in this application for both students and teachers. It is ideal for organizing class discussions, exams, posting assignments, and creating schedule/alerts. Bonus! It's very user friendly as we learned in our previous modules.

3.) Splash Math Apps. is a fun and interactive mathematics based application that engages students. This type of app is addicting and I predict that's not a bad thing! I think as a teacher offering this type of app during class would allow you to walk around the room and perform one on one lessons where needed. The Plash Math App could also be used before a hands on game to get the students brushed up and ready to go.

4.) Frog Dissection App. I think the name clearly indicates its' purpose, so I attached a link which delivers its' features and a review. This can be used in the classroom in order to avoid using real frogs. Students could work in groups and explain their findings with one another.

5.) Motion Maths App. focuses on teaching all about fractions and estimation. The application features multiple skill level and even offers hints along the way. Students can even work their way up to bonus levels.

6.) Stories to Learn App. I believe this application would prove helpful for student in Language Arts classes. It could be used to write book reports, short stories, analysis, poetry, and other writing assignments. By offering different ways to personalize your stories with pictures this app would appeal to many students. Check out the short video below that shows just how easy this app is to use:

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