A very important person

Adriana Flores

A very important person to me is my mom. Her name is Catherine Flores, but she goes by Cathy. She is such a good person, she is the type of person to take someone in if they needed somewhere to stay, such as friends or family. She has blue eyes and short light brown hair. She really gets on my nerves and irritates me sometimes but I still love her. I don’t know where I would be without her, she is my best friend. I know I can trust her and she does so much for me. Even when I got in trouble with the law she was still the best parent she could be. She always had my back and defended me no matter what. She never gave up on me no matter what my probation officer put us through. She might have been really upset with me but she was always there when I needed her. I know I can count on her for anything and she would do everything she could to help me. She’s the type of lady to bend over backwards for the people she loves. Thats why my mom is very important to me, she is a great lady.

A very important place

A place that is very important to me would have to be Apozolco, Zacatecas in Mexico. /it’s by far my favorite place to be. My dad’s side of the family lives over there. I love going there because it is a very small town of about 300 people. The only way to get there is to drive through the mountains, which are very very very bumpy. On one side of the car you can see all the way down the huge mountain. It’s pretty scary if you’ve never been driving through the mountains on rough roads. You walk out of any house, it doesn’t matter where you are, you always have some beautiful view of the mountains. The houses are very small and nothing like the houses we have here. You can walk through a gate and see an all open room. Some might have couches right out there with a t.v. If you have enough money you can maybe buy a air conditioner. It gets crazy hot out there. Anyway you walk through the gate, and everything is open (but there is a roof over everything) its super hard to explain. But anyway you have all your bedrooms off of there. Its crazy that the town is so small that everyone knows everyone and they all trust each other. Last time I went, I never wore flip-flops cause my feet got dirty in the first 10 minutes of being outside. Everyone normally showers later in the day because the water comes out of the mountains so in the morning or afternoon the water is too hot to shower. All you hear is roosters and donkeys all day and night. During holidays the whole town has a huge fiesta in the plaza and everyone gets together and has a good time. This is why I love being in Apozolco. It’s so small, no drama. There isn’t even wifi or reception. It’s literally like an escape from all the drama and stress back home. I just love it.

Something very important to me

Something that is very important to me would have to be my phone. I have all my pictures and memories on there. It’s a pink iPhone 5c with a pink and white case on it. I hate to let people use it because even though there is nothing bad on it, I just hate when people just try to go through my phone. It’s an invasion of privacy to me, even though I have nothing bad on it, it still makes me mad when people try to go through it. It’s like no, just don’t!! I don’t have many apps on it besides the usual apps teenages have on their phones. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Instagram and Snapchat. I also have Utube which is a music app where you can search any song, and save it to a playlist. When you close the app and open another one your music doesn’t stop, unlike youtube. My phones screen is not scratched or cracked. If I were to take the case off the spots under the case and on the edges would most likely be disgusting. I did that once and it was pretty nasty. Overall I love my phone, the color and everything about it.

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