dirt Bikes

By: Hailey Hutsell


Are you thinking of getting a dirt bike? Here is some information you will need/want to know about dirt bikes. Dirt bikes are fun but if you want to find out on what to wear and some other things you might need to know about like the engine. If you want to find out more about dirt bikes then what are you waiting for start reading my tackk.


Do you want to know why dirt bikes are important to some people? It’s fun to see and especially a good skill to have. This is why you should be encouraged to ride one. In this takk you will learn when to ride a dirt bike , how, what to ware and much more.


For all you who don’t know a lot or want to learn about dirt bikes continue reading. The engine is one important thing because you could get burned if you’re riding for a certain amount of time a day or almost every day to. It’s also not good to ride during or direct after rain. Your engine could start to overheat or overheat.

what to wear

You always want to wear jeans or dirt bike pants. You’re definitely going to want to wear a helmet. Goggles are good to. It’s also okay to wear a chest guarder even though it guards other things to. It helps guard the rips and shoulders. It goes over your head. If you were wondering if it’s okay to wear sweat pants it’s not.

When to ride

You are probably wondering… when should I ride? Ride when the ground is dry. But don’t under any condition ride at night. It can cause you to get into a wreck. You should also ride when you are wide awake.

If you are a starter

If you are a starter don’t be scared cause, than you’re not going to be able to focus. Focus… it’s good to focus were your headed look for lumps in the ground and sharp turns. One other thing don’t think about anything else. Only think of what you are doing not what could happen. Because that gets you nowhere when you are riding a dirt bike. Practice doesn’t make perfect it makes better.


Dirt bikes are so much fun! You always have to be prepared. They are perfect stress relievers. If you are someone has stress or knows someone with stress a lot ride a dirt bike. It’s a stress reliever because you’re not think8ing of what you’re stressed about. No more stress to build for you!


Certain: you are sure about it

Prepared: be ready for what your about to do

Stressed: mad or angry about something

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