Persuasive Writing


Principals and communities students and teachers do you think we need lockers at school? I do have you seen those cloak closets? If you haven’t you don’t want to there a mess.I mean a mess.You might be shocked at first thats just a warning!!!

We need lockers at school because things would be a lot more organized and I have at least 4 bags.I think this statement because when I see the classroom cloak closet at the end of the day it looks like a pig hen sorry classmates but its true and it looks that people just throw their stuff but thats not the case.I see everybody in my class put their things on the hook. As the day goes by peoples lunchboxes starts to fall off. At the end of the day its a mess I can’t even find my bags because I put them on a different hook and there just everywhere the problem is there to tight.Your probably thinking just spread them apart the problem with that is it will take a lot of time and we wont have enough room.

Another reason is if its more organized families that are looking for a school they might come to this school. Im guessing your thinking who cares if people come to our school.Let me explain this.If they come in and see an organized school not a messy one thell want to come here not some non organized school If they come here we could get more money that could go to the teachers or school to help it or that money could be for lockers.

Thats the proof oh the proof the best proof in the world one of the best. Dont you think we need lockers at school? Dont beg to your principals we should get lockers all though it might be fun maybe write a letter like I did.Now it is time to say the saddest words in the world to you awesome fellows bye bye wha wha wha wha wha wha.THANK YOU!!