Foreign Policy

Our governments strategy used to deal with other countries.

"The World Is Flat"

The purpose of the book "The World is Flat" is to analyze Globalization.


The skill of managing international relations typically by a countries representatives.

Commander in Chief

Head of state in supreme command of a country's armed forces.

War Powers Act

War Powers Act is an Act passed by congress after the Vietnam war.Its a procedure for congress and the president to follow if they get into an armed conflict.


A representative sent to a foreign country.


Office for an ambassador.


Central Intelligence Agency.Is the Intelligence gathering agency of the federal government.


National Security Council. Is the national forum used by the president to consider national security and foreign policies with other cabinet members.

Senate/House Foreign Relations Committees

Committee involving the Senate and The House of Representatives to discuss Foreign Policies.


North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a intergovernmental military alliance formed because of the North Atlantic Treaty signed on 4/4/1949.

Warsaw Pact Countries

A military alliance of communist nations in eastern Europe formed to answer to NATO in 1955.

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