Margaret Finn.

Hello, it is August 1st, 1861. My name is Margaret Jana-Lynn Finn. I am 25 years old as of today and I am married to a awesome gentleman named Robert Alexander Finn. We have 2 kids together. Their names are Noah Richard Finn and Mary-Catherine Jana-Lynn Finn.  I live in Vermont with my kids and also my husband, and my mom, Farrah Jana-Lynn Blue, is stationed in Pennsylvania right now in the civil war. It is not often that many girls or woman do these kind of things, but my mom does do it and I think she is a very strong and brave girl. My mom is a supervisor in Pennsylvania, but she can also fight in any of the wars. I do miss my mom a lot, and I don't get to see her as much as I would like, but she is doing something that she had always dreamed of doing some day, and she finally gets to do it. My plans for her when she comes to visit me and the family are crazy and tremendous. I have no idea of what kind of thing I'm going to put together for her. Maybe I will make her a big feast, and also for the rest of the family, and we can all sit down and have a nice family dinner. I think that would be fun! My moms favorite food is bacon and eggs.

August 1st, 1861. Day 1.  

My husband, Robert likes getting up early, so he is always up before me in the morning, but I don't get up much longer after him. Usually every morning my family and I wake up and go down and make breakfast. This morning I made them french toast and Scrambled eggs. After we all eat, we go cool down and wash off in the creek. We walk about a 1/2 mile to Otter Creek, it's a really clean creek.  After the creek,  we walk back home and my kids are still young so they can't go to school yet. They stay at home all day, usually playing outside like most little kids do. Mary-Catherine is 4 and Noah is 3. When I am home and the kids are entertained, i start making yummy bread for the soldiers that are passing through.  Another way that I help the soldiers with dressing their wounds.

August 2nd, 1861. Day 2.  

It's the second day out here and I am getting a little worried. At this point I have so much going on and its all a little crazy. My mom is the one that is stationed in the war in Pennsylvania. I got a letter from there saying that there is going to be a war, and its a very risky one. No one knows what is going to happen at that war. I sure hope my mom is going to be okay because she means a lot to me and I really don't want to loose her. Hopefully she does good and can make it through this risky war. I wrote a letter a while to her saying how much I missed her, but when you are up there in the war you don't have time to write back.  The newspaper heading that I was looking at was called  "This is a Risky One!" and just looking at that worries me.

August 3rd, 1861. Day 3.

This is another one of the basic days, I am doing usual things but also a little different. I am going to do the same old things, get up with my family and go to Otter Creek. Then when we get back I am going to wash some of our clothes. I brought a bucket of water back from the creek so I can wash them. After I finally get done washing all of the clothes,  I am going to clean up the house a little bit, Noah and Mary-Catherine made a mess yesterday and I finally just have time to clean it up. I am a very busy woman. Today I am going to help the soldiers and I am making bacon for them. They are coming through a little earlier than they did a couple days ago,  so it is still breakfast time for everyone. I usually make them food on a daily basis, because it is just a good and nice thing to do.

August 4th, 1861. Day 4.

So, today I am a bit crushed and worried. The letter I sent to my mom a couple days ago, she wrote back and the news I read from the letter, since they don't get much time to write back to loved ones, she actually squeezed some time to sit down and right back. Which that is a good thing, but the news I get from her says they she has to be in the war and there is also a chance of her having to take her life. Wars and battles are very risky things to be in. The reaction I had when I started to read the response from my mom was quite interesting and shocking a little bit. My mom also was in a battle a while back but she survived through it. The battle was in Florida and it was Olustee.

August 5th, 1861. Day 5.

Reading the newspaper is something I enjoy doing. I like keeping up with everything that is going on, like news about my mom in the battles and wars.

     Something that Abraham Lincoln was involved his assassination.  He was our president from 1861 all the way up until his assassination. He was the 16th president of the United States. He served from March 4th,  1861 till April 15th, 1865 and he was born on February 12th, 1809. He was killed on Good Friday.  He had many kids and was a very busy guy throughout his life time. He always had something to do.

The reaction that I had was an pretty interesting one. The attack on Lincoln was only 5 days after Confederate General, Robert E. Lee was surrendered his massive army at Appomattox Court House, in Virginia. It was surprising and shocking knowing that he as shot at a Theater. The Theater was called Ford's Theater. Lincoln was a good and string man.

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