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I presented at BlogWorld this year and in the middle of the wp tag machine review, I had BufferApp schedule a tweet that said, “Hey, thank you to everybody who’s watching my presentation right now.” The people at those expos are always on Twitter and when they saw that, they thought it was pretty cool. So BufferApp is really cool and it’s actually free.
EMAIL MARKETING Email’s still a really great strategy for reaching people. I don’t know about you, but I check my email first thing in the morning. And I hate when there are unread emails in my inbox. It’s kind of like a phone ringing: you just have to answer it or see what’s in it. I’ve got 30,000 people on me email list. I have a 70% open rate, which in this industry is kind of unheard of. 20-25% is more usual. I approach email a lot differently than a lot of other bloggers. I have a weekly newsletter with content that is different from what you can find on the blog. This is my style and you should explore other styles too just to see what’s best for you.
Pat’s Strategy
Where People Subscribe I have people subscribe to my list through my blog. There are a number of different pages on the site where they can do that. You can subscribe through my about page, which is actually a really good wp tag machine review : I recommend that you put a subscribe box on your about page. It’s a perfect time to do it. I also put it in my sidebar, obviously.

Lead Magnet When people subscribe, they get a free ebook. My ebook is “Ebooks the Smart Way,” which is an ebook about how I created the ebook for my LEED site. That ebook totally launched my online business and took it to the next level. It kind of changed my life.

So, I have that free guide and that’s my lead magnet, the incentive for people to subscribe to my list. You might think, “Well, then you’ll get people who subscribe just for that lead magnet.” That’s true – which is why you should make that lead magnet the best thing ever. I actually spent about two-and-a-half months really crafting this book. People have emailed me saying, “You are an idiot for giving this away for free!” I give it away for free because I want people who subscribe to my list to know that I’m dead serious about what I’m talking about and that I will always provide the best information about a subject. I want to just blow them away right from the start. I actually get a lot of messages from people, saying, “I only subscribed so I could download your book, but now I’m looking forward to your emails. If the content in them is as good as the book, then they’re going to be very beneficial.”
Auto-Responder I also have an auto-responder that’s set up with about thirty different emails every one or two weeks. The auto-responder is important because it allows you to continue to contact people over time. If you just have them subscribe, give them the free thing, and then let wp tag machine review be, when you email them six months later with something, they might well have forgotten who you are. They’re going to be like, “This email’s kind of random.” Or they might just know that you’re trying to sell them something. So, I like to keep constant contact with people for as long as I can through my autoresponder. These are pre-set emails that go out sequentially over time, seven days after they subscribe. So, no matter when they subscribe, they go through the same sequence of emails to start out.

Email Content These emails are just more tips and more content. I don’t sell anything. I don’t sell on the email list, because people in the online marketing industry are tired of getting sold to in emails. People are getting bombarded with emails, which is why I take a totally different approach and just give them pure, amazing, epic content to get them to stay on the email list.





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