Can the Sugar be another kind of Drug?

The intake of sugar is very dangerous in many certain ways. The sugar kills us slowly after time passes indeed, but shouldn't it be another new type of drug- a ,new drug that cause people not stop eating sweet things, for example cokes, chips, etc. Isn't the something like smoking cigarettes too? Since people smoke they try to stop but they cant same thing for the alcohol people they drink- they wanna stop, they cant so they die, is the same thing for sugar, people eat, and drink, then causing to have diseases, high blood pressure, low blood pressure causing them to die. Speaking of sugar same goes to milk especially in schools, since we get milk during lunch time, now image what your kid drinks in milk kindergarten during lunch time for a day doesn't seem a lot right/? OK now think for an entire year that's being serious, and through twelve grade? That a whole lot of sugar in just milk during their school time I'm not adding the sweets that he might eat or drink out side of school, you see how serious this can be? Therefore I say that the sugar can be a new type of drug for certain people who don't realize on what their going through, they want to change but they cant, some can just stop drinking alcohol, but others cant, same goes to the sugar people for some be hard to stop drinking and eating too much calories for others isn't. That's why we need to keep on track of our blood pressure every now and then.


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