A life in Vietnam

The country I chose was Vietnam

The name of the boy I chose was Bui Duy Binh

The age of the of boy is 11

His family works in the mornings till the after noons

5:30 am he get's up and brushes his teeth

At around 6:30 am his mom or his  dads gives him a ride to school.

6:40 am his scool starts with a salute to Ho Chi Minh

12:00 pm he get's home and water the plants on our rooftop garden

11;00 am his School ends. Because there are not enoughi jushsb d teachers.

7:30 am he turns his homework in to his teacher after that he has art class

3:00 pm he wake's up, he eat's yogurt or fruit and start studying on his homework

6:00 P.M.I He help's his mom prepare dinner. Tonight, we make tofu

7:00 P.M.After dinner, he  goes  into his  room to practice's piano or draw

8:00 P.M. He  take a shower before bed. Then it is time for him to  sleep.

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