The Houston Toad

The Houston Toad is an endangered animal that can be found in Texas.

Say Cheese

The Houston Toad is 2-3.5 inches long.They have tan to brownish black skin with small dark spots.They can also have purplish gray skin with green patches.Males have a darker throat than females.The Houston Toad usually lives up to 2-3 years.The toads are nocturnal and eat insects.Their predators are turtles,snakes,raccoons,large birds,and other frogs.

Home Sweet Home

Houston Toads prefer to burrow in loose sandy soil in east central Texas.These underground homes are 40 inches deep and are used to protect the toads from hot and cold weather.These days,the toads can be found in pine,oak woodland,and savanna with rain pools,wet areas with shallow water,and flooded fields.The toads do best in ponds without fish.Many of the toads are in Bastrop State Park.

See You Later

Houston Toads left their habitats due to automobiles,droughts,predators,and chemicals used to kill insects.There was also a devastating fire that burned large amounts of many areas in which the toads lived.The toads were leaving due to the chemicals because the chemicals were killing their food.They left due to the predators because the predators hunted and ate them.They left due to the droughts because they weren't near water and they declined due to the automobiles because it disturbed their peace.

It's Time To Come Back

Since the Houston Toad is endangered,people want them to come back and repopulate.Conservation groups are working with landowners in Bastrop County to restore the Houston Toad habitat.In 2008 the Lost Pines Conservation Plan was approved and the plan describes recovery for the Houston Toad habitat in Bastrop County.

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