The roaring 20's

when I got stuck in the roaring 20,s my first thought was how am i going to get out of here because the was minimal machinery. so the first thing I done was find some kind of mechanic when I found joe he helped me build a time machine which was how i was going to get back but the thing was it would takes tons of energy to power so most likely it would cause the whole town to run out of power for a bout two days so we would have to warn everyone. That was the biggest promble with the design but thats the way I would have to go but when I was there I met a woman how was the kind pearson but I wouldnt be able to take her home with me because that would mess up the space time contunimal.So when the day come it made me sad to leave becasue I knew that she would have to go through the great depression which was a horrible time period. But I had to leave. To get home to my own family my mom and dad and my two brothers and one sister .But there was a problem we didn't have all the parts so we would have to drive to the nearest mechanic shop but it was at least 200 miles away .But along the way we met a man how name was bob and he knew exactly where to get the parts we needed but thing was that we where getting low on fuel so we had to make a pitstop so we stoped at a gas station so we stopped and got so fuel and we were back on the road in no time when we got there we bought the parts and left when we got back we assembled the time machine and before we knew it we was ready to go when I left i was a little sad because I had grown to like the 20's but I had to get home so went on my way and when I got home I was so happy.

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