An XUV Like No Other Now at Just Rupees 14.5 Lakhs

Sport-utility vehicles, better known as SUV’s, are considered to be light trucks in North America. They have seen a rapid growth in popularity in the Indian market, over the last few years. In India, SUVs are loved for their larger and heavier build, which in turn makes them a safer vehicle. An SUV is bigger as compared to a Sedan and can carry as many passengers as a Minivan. They are really sturdy and thus, become the perfect vehicle for off-road driving. This SUV segment has been the fastest growing sector in the Indian market during the past two years.

This being said, Mahindra has created its own SUV, in order to capitalise on this market. The cheetah said to be the fastest animal on land, but that is not all, it is also considered to be a master in agility and balance. Keeping this in mind, Mahindra seems to have created its own cheetah inspired SUV, the well-known and appreciated XUV500.

A beautiful automobile that evokes the speed and stability of a cheetah, the XUV500 is a head turner because of its powerful and attractive build. The XUV manages to hit 100kph in under 12.54 seconds, and tops out at 175kph, if you step on it. As for fuel efficiency, it gives about 9.8kpl in the city and 13.5kpl on the highway, which is not unimpressive keeping in mind its massive size.

The XUV500 packs a massive 2.2-litre diesel engine, producing around 140bhp and 330Nm of torque. The engine contains a six-speed manual box. The XUV is now safer than ever before with the panic braking feature. Additional inputs like ABS, EBD and ESP ensure the XUV can slow-down from 80kmph to a standstill, in less than 30 metres, even on a wet road.

The new XUV is priced at Rs 14.48 lakh for the W6 variant and if you want the fully-loaded W8, you will have to shell out an extra 2 lakh Rupees, as the W8 is priced at Rs 16.37 lakh. In case you want an all-wheel drive W8, you’ll have to pay up around Rs 17.67 lakh. (all prices on-road, Mumbai).

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4 days ago

I think it has more character than the TUV's rough looking blocky shape, however it's not what you'd call beautiful. It looks emphatically antiquated. There are the clumsily molded AC vents that sit on a tall and upright focus reassure, and the truly wide transmission burrow with two container holders implanted alongside the rigging lever. There are, obviously, a few changes.

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