The Pardoner

By: Katie Antoniello & Lauren LaMontagne

Indirect Characterization

1. Swindler- pg 22 line 687 "Stuffed full of pardons brought from Rome all hot."

  • The Pardoner sells indulgences to pardon people of sins. This show that he tricks people out of their money by capitalizing on their fear of not getting into heaven.  

2. Well-off (not poor but not rich) - pg 22 line 702-703 " In that one day more money stood to gain/Than the poor dupe in two months could attain."

  • The quote depicts how the Pardoner may make a lot of money in a single day by selling indulgences in different towns. However; he did not sell a lot on a daily basis. But when he did, he made a lot because people were willing to give substantial amounts of money to be freed of their sins.

3. Manipulative- pg22 line 704-705 "And thus, with flattery and suchlike japes,/He made the parson and the rest his apes."

  • Because he uses flattery to get people to buy his indulgences, he appears to be a good man when in reality he is just taking advantage of them. Since he does this, you can infer that he is manipulative in other aspects of his life.

4. Female like -pg 22 line 691 "I think he was a gelding or a mare."

  • This means that he is not very masculine because a gelding is a neutered male horse and a mare is a matured female horse.  

Direct Characterization

1. Appearance a. - pg 21 line 675 " This pardoner had hair as yellow as wax," pg 21 line 677 " In wisps it hung down such locks as he'd on head," "

  • This is an obvious direct characterization of one of the Pardoner's features. This also tells you that his hair was unhealthy meaning he may be sickly, old, or just does not care about his appearance, meaning he may feel as if other things are more important, like his profession.  

2. Appearance b. -pg22  line 678-679 "In with them he his shoulders overspread;/ But thin they dropped, and stringy, one by one."

  • This depicts he is a haggard man. His decrypted looking appearance shows he is not well nourished.  

3.  Voice - pg22 line 679  "A voice he had that bleated like a goat."

  • This means he had a nasty and agitating voice, unpleasant to communicate with.


  • Manipulative
  • Haggard
  • Unhealthy

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