Tools Of Trade

Ana Morillo, Period 5


     Edmodo is the perfect website to check if there are any future assignments or any work that is posted by your teachers. Also if you didn't complete any work you can have the information on edmodo.

      All you have to do is sign in to edmodo with your Email or username, then type in your password. Then go look at your classes or post to check if there is anything important you have to do.

     Edmodo gives you the ability to complete any assignment at home instead of rushing at home or spending extra time at class to do the assignment. Edmodo also lets teacher save trees and paper by putting assignments online instead of handing it out for the students to take home and lose it.


     Remind is a helpful app that Reminds you to complete a task by sending you notifications via text or email.

   You can be able to use it by downloading the app on the App Store. Then login using the class code. Or go online type in your phone number and it texts use the notification. So you don't really have to do extra work.

     Th benefits using the Remind app is that you don't need to check the app daily and the app itself automatically sends you the notification saving you the hassle. Sometimes its a true life saver because is a website which helps you create amazing info graphs. It also lets you view other info graphs.

       Either you can create one form scratch or use another template someone else made and edit on from there. Then you start creating by typing and moving different objects onto the the screen. If you are a student then follow the teachers instructions.

      The benefits of using is that it truly is a better way to organize a graph and make it unique. So it is more entertaining and more fun to create than a normal graph.


Tackk is like a website with mini personal blogs that you could make public or private.(not to be mistaken for tumblr)

You can use this tool simply by logging in with your username and password or signing up. Then you easily just start having fun with it. It is extremely easy to use so you quickly learn how to use tackk within a few minutes.

The benefits of using tackk is that it is an extremely fun way to have a website or blog. Also the fact that you have an option of having this mini blog or website to make public or private. Which is an great option. Also tackk is a great place to be bored because you instantly have fun.

Design cycle

The design cycle is a process that helps you solve a need for solution. We use it in real life and especially in Ms. Lagana's class. It is perfect way to solve a solution going step by step.

You can use the design cycle to solve any solution needed. Its step by step and no lie it is a very long process.

The benefits of using the design cycle is that you will be very successful throughout the whole process. Also another benefit of using the design cycle is that

1.Inquiring And Analyzing

You explain and justify the need for a solution.

Ex: My Car wont start.

It wont start an I need to go to places.

Identify and prioritize primary and secondary.

Look at the car, look under the hood, check the tires, Check the car manual, call someone who knows about cars.

Analyze a range of existing products that inspire a solution for the problem

A new battery, you can buy a new car, go to the mechanic, go to the car shops, auto part store, look at junk yard parts.

Develop a detailed design brief

My car won,t start and I need to go places. I need to examine the car and find out what i need to do for my car to start. I researched online and saw that I could get a new car.

2. Developing Ideas

Develop a design specification

Make sure the service is done correctly, runs good before you pay, parts are in good condition.

When buying a new car

Show me the car facts,test drive the car, make sure it is exactly what you want

Develop a range of ideas that are feasible

New car, a used car in good conditions,fix the old car.

Present a final chosen design and justify its selection

Make sure the services is done properly would because you don't want to pay for a bad car.

Develop accurate planning/drawings and outline the requirements

Have a fixed car that will run properly and get you to and from place to place.

3. Creating The Solution

Construct a plan

1.Call a tow truck (5 mins)

2.Get it towed to your local car shop (20 mins)

3.Get a mechanic (5 mins)

4.Tell them the problem (20 mins)

5.Discuss how much it cost. (10 mins)

6.Have them fix the problem. ( 1hours)

7.Make sure it’s done right. (10 mins)

8.Pay.( 5 mins)

Demonstrate excellent technical skills

Certified mechanic, updated tools, understands how a car works.

Follow plan

To do list.

Justify any changes to the plan

No changes were made.

Present the solution

Show it off.

4. Evaluating

Design relevant testing methods which that data and measure success of solution

Test drive car, check if new part is in good condition.

Evaluate success of solution against design specifications

My car did get fixed so it was a success but it was  expensive and i'm broke.

Explain how it could be improved

I would not improve anything because everything was perfect since i followed the same exact steps.

Explain the impact of the solution on the audience,client

Happy because the car was fixed.

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