Chelsey Rodriguez

Photography Portfolio

Natures beauty

This picture was for the nature project and I like this picture because it focuses on the flowers color and shape.

Texas  is where you can find pretty Bluebonnets

I took this photo as I was taking pictures for the nature project  and I decided to take a close-up photo with this beautiful bluebonnet as the subject.

Texas Bluebonnets

This was one of my favorite pictures of the bluebonnets because of the point of view and the main subject is in focused while the background is blurred out.

Blueeeeeboonnnneetss Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took this picture for the nature project and I like it because of how the colors are very bright and springy.

Pink Flowers

I shot this picture for the nature project and I personally like it because it was my first time shooting up close pictures and it came out Good!

Deep Down Under

I took this picture over the spring break and we went to explore underneath a cave. I like this picture because i never been underneath a cave and it looks like a mushroom.

look at whats underneath you it could be amazing!

I took this above the subject because it was coming up and it looked like i was in a ocean but i really was in a cave.


I took this picture on my vacation to California I like this picture because palm trees is what I think of California.

Palm Cittyy

I shot this picture at the Fresno Zoo in California I like the point of view of the picture because it looks tropical and in reminds me of my wonderful trip in California.

Jesus is a blessing

This is my personally favorite picture because I love the sunset behind the cross and the lighting shinning on the cross.


I took this picture because I have never been so close to a Giraffe before and i took an opportunity  to take a picture of close up Giraffe while i had a chance.


I Took this picture when we went to the Fresno Zoo and I like the colors of the tiger and how he was looking us kinda scary.


I took this photo at my brothers soccer game and I took it as soon as he kicked it to score a goal.

Good Supporter number 1 Fan

I took this picture while we were leaving my cousins football game and it looked like a cute moment so I took a picture.

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