5 Mobile Apps to Use in a K-12 Classroom

1. Poll Everywhere

This app allows for the teachers to have live polls built right into their lecture slides. Often this program is compatible with powerpoint and a teacher can imbed the questions right in between their powerpoint slides. This allows for the students to be completely engaged in the course material, and also allows for immediate evaluation.

2. Comic and Meme Creator App

This app allows for students to create their own comic strip and immediately share their creation on a number of social media sites. Students can choose from the numerous app options to either create an avatar of themselves or choose from popular superhero or cartoon characters to build their own learning stories. As a teacher you could use this app as an alternative to a creative writing assignment, as a reflection on a past field trip, or create a modern take on a past historical event.

3. Bunsella Bedtime Story

You can use this app to create your own bedtime story. The animation in this app is very similar to a claymation like characters. Students can create their own images or upload images of their own to help tell their interactive story. I would use this in a second language classroom. As a teacher I would get the students to create a short Bunsella Bedtime Story in a different language and then get the students to share their creation with a classroom in a different country. Being able to share the stories among different countries is a feature that is included in the app.

4. PhotoMath

This app is the first ever camera calculator. All the student needs to do is point their camera at the mathematical equation and the correct answer is displayed for them. Students could use this app when practicing questions in class, or at home, or when looking over their past mathematics exams.

5. Quizlet

Students can use this app to help study the course material. This app functions much the same as flashcards except, depending on the subject, the course material is already made for the students. This can allow students to study the material any place, any time, and at any pace.

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