Secret Service Project🎀

     Last week we did secret service. We had to secretly do service for others without them knowing. "Secret agent Lila: Your mission if you choose to accept is to secretly serve others."

     I had to serve others everyday. One of the things I did was clean my house while my mom and dad went out to eat on Tuesday night. I didn't tell them I did it, but they finally figured out. They thanked me and said, "very nice of you!" But, I expected nothing in return. The secret service project is when you do good things for people without them knowing.

     This project impacted my family, friends, and myself. It impacted my family and friends because I did good things for them and It made them happy. Also, it influences them to do good things for people. One things I did for my friend was a wrote a note and put it in her locker. She told me thanks and gave me a hug.

     This secret service project impacted me because it got me to do service without being asked to do it. It made me feel happy for the good things I did for people. Also, it will keep me to doing service.

     I really like this project because besides doing education projects, we do a service project that you include doing nice things for people. I hope we will do this project again. It keeps me and other people in a good mood.

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