Where the Lilies Bloom

By: Vera and Bill Cleaver

The Right Thing is not Always the Best Thing

Mary Call makes promises to her dying father that she might not be able to keep and she learns that throught the story.

A traveler making his way across the mountains on foot wandered into the Luther's valley he was in need of refreshments and Devola brought him water Mary Call made conversation with this traveler but then never saw him again.

When coming back from the fields with the suggestion that there might be something wrong with Kiser Pease because he had noticed there hasn't been chimney smoke in a couple of days.

While Kiser was sick Mary Call and her other sibling nurse him back to health and Kiser promise Mary Call that they could have twenty acres of his land.

While at the General Store Mrs. Connell ask how Roy Luther was doing and Mary Call said he was doing fine but Mrs. Connell knew there was more to what Mary Call was telling her.

Kiser and Devola get marry and Mary Call is not really happy about it because she knows she broke one of the responsibilities her dad left for her.

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