8 Out-of-the-Box Wedding Band Design Ideas

You want to give your wife-to-be the most special ring ever but you are running out of ideas for wedding band designs. You want to give her a unique wedding band but everything you see on jewelleries are same designs. Surely, you want to give your wife-to-be something special and unique. Here are some of the wedding bands that are absolutely unique.

1. Spider Man wedding band

Are you both fans of Spider Man? Then this wedding band is perfect for you. Designed by Graeme Ross, this is surely something that people will envy upon.

2. Super Mario Brothers Brick Ring

Classical wedding bands are out, Super Mario rings are in. Who does not love Super Mario? For sure, this wedding band witll make you reminisce childhood over and over again. Feel like a kid again with your wife-to-be and remember this video game that we all loved.

photo by earth art

3. Pokemon Trainer's Band

Gotta catch the woman of your dreams with this Pokermon Trainer's wedding band from Art & Gems! This unique and colorful wedding band will surely make you the best partners in life, just like other Pokemon trainers!

4. Superman Cut Bypass Ring

Because your partner is your superhero in life, a Superman ring will definitely pass as a wedding band.

5. Batman Wedding Band

If there is a Superman wedding band, of course there is also a Batman wedding band!

6. Harry Potter Golden Snitch Ring

House of Hudson Shop from Etsy brings out the Harry Potter fanatic in you. This golden snitch ring will take you and your wife to more Harry Potter-like adventures in life! This is just too beautiful especially for those who grew up with Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and other Harry Potter characters!

7. Jackie Kaufman's Light Saber Wedding Band

Bring out the Star Wars fanatic in you with this lightsaber ring!

8. DNA Engagement Ring

Unique wedding bands? How about a DNA-like wedding band? This gold ring with diamond embellishments will surely make your wedding extra special!

These wedding bands are just concepts and suggestions. Of course, it is always better to put your own touch in your wedding ring. Think of the things that are common to you and your partner. From there, you can definitely conceptualize and create a wedding band that is unique and extra special.

For those who are looking to buy wedding bands, make sure that your ring fits your budget and your own taste. What is more important is not the value of the wedding bands, but the love that you and your partner have for each other. It is also best to compare prices of wedding bands in different shops to get the best price possible.