what is it about?

A syllabus is a document which presents information on what topics or content are to be covered in a course of study.It may present information on what is to be taught: in order to reach levels specified internationally,in a national school system, in order to pass a particular examination, in a specific course and in a specific coursebook.Syllabuses may be synthetic or analytic,where the first one provide a set of isolated language items as grammatical structures or lexical items and the second describe communicative abilities , task or functions as conveying simple information.

types of language syllabus

A number of different kinds of syllabuses are used in english language teaching.

The type of the structural or grammatical syllabus is based on a list of grammatical structures and items, such as the present tense, definite and indefinite articles, comparison of adjectives. The type of the lexical syllabus is that comprises a list of lexical items and sometimes including multi-word expressions. It relates to grammar also, and so includes items.The type of the situational and topic-based syllabuses takes real-life contexts of language use, they are paricularly suitable for courses in English for specific purposes. Another type is the functional-notional syllabus which are concepts that language can describe, look more like vocabulary items and in contarst are things that you can do with language with purposes or outcomes. The idea was to get away from a focus on correct forms and move towards the use of languge to express meanings. The last type is the standads-based syllabus, its describes what should learners should be able to do at secific levels, can be divided into functional areas of language use.

Using an approved syllabus in different situations by teachers and it has to be approved by an authority.
In some situations where there are enough resources to invest in creating very detailed syllabuses and buying a wide variety of teaching materials, teachers may find it most effective to work mainly from the syllabus, using specific materials as they need them

Evaluating the syllabus is that new English language aften quite different from previous one, are introduced by a ministry of education or by some other authority in an institution. The new syllabus needs to be evaluated, both by the authority which approved it in the first place , and by the teachers themselves. Sometimes are evaluated by checking whether overall proficiency among students has risen since its introduction, as measured by exam results.

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