All for the Cheap, Cheap Price of Your Life

Education is supposed to be
“The great equalizer”
Gives everyone a fighting chance
In the warground of life

“The great equalizer,”
Says Horace Mann.

Well, Mr Horace Mann,
It seems like we’ve gotten derailed
Off our original railroad

Now, an A- isn’t good enough
For those high and mighty colleges.

The ones sitting on a silver platter,
Up in cloud 9,
Selling overpriced air.

Yes, you know the type,
You need a four-point-o,
You need at least 5 extracurriculars,
Oh, and maybe your first born child, too.

What about those students with potential,
But no resources?

You could be a genius,
but because you had a rough childhood,
"Sorry, but we have to reject your application!"
Now that doesn’t feel very equal.

Now, life is supported by
A lone string, readily cut
With fate’s sharp scissors

But not even DEATH scares us,
No, not even close,
What scares us is failing a test,
Because somehow, that score on that test
Is more important than your health

So study hard kids,
No, in fact,
Study harder
Get one-hundred-percent
Nothing less,
No, in fact,
Get a higher score than that

An A- isn’t good enough,
Says society,
That’s normal

Just shy of a perfect A,
To leave you reaching for that 100
Like a shining star in the distance

One mistake,
And you’re bumped down so far
To the pits with the rest of you!

Only the ones with perfect scores,
Perfect sports,
Perfect money,
Will go to this perfect college
Will live this perfect life

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