Tejas Jivan: The Fundamentals of Tennis

The game of tennis provides the individual a unique and powerful opportunity to challenge and test both their mental and physical limitations; to enjoy the thrill of one-on-one athletic competition while testing the athlete’s agility, endurance and ability to focus and coordinate movement. As a former high school tennis player, Tejas Jivan understands the unique yet highly rewarding challenge of going face-to-face with an opponent, as well as the satisfaction of achieving victory after a long and grueling match.

Building a strong understanding of the game’s fundamentals, as Tejas Jivan knows, is an important first step in the development of any tennis player.

The Rules

Knowing how the game of tennis is governed and structured is essential to a player’s beginning development. Mastering the rules, such as how the game is scored, the scores needed to win, how each match is divided up into games, sets and on, is a necessity, and should perhaps always be the first step for every new player.

Court Layout

Just as important as mastering the game’s rules, says Tejas Jivan, is mastering the layout of the court. Understanding which side of the court is the deuce side and which is the ad side, as well as where the service boxes, alleys and baselines are, is necessary before any competitor can began play.

The Basic Strokes

New players should pursue a better understanding of the basic tennis strokes used throughout a match, as well as certain techniques and approaches that have different applications in different situations. Learning the importance of grip, swing and serve techniques, and when each is used, can help to provide the player a better understanding of how the game is played.

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