With Just A Look Anything Can Turn Into A Disaster

Emily salce per.4/5

when Carlson was in the bunk house changing out of his dirty clothes, he notices a satchel on George's bed. Carlson opens the satchel and finds over hundred dollars in bills and coins inside. Then looks up and sees candy standing in the door way. Candy made gestured, then he noticed what Carlson was doing. he immediately ominously Carlson that he will tell George that he caught him stealing money from his satchel.

     Carlson felt like his pants was full of ants he does not know what to do at this moment. Carlson knows he will get the can if the boss finds out that he was stealing money from George. Candy went and got George, immediately George felt dejectedly when he found out Carlson was trying to steal money from him. George instantly wants to pick scraps with Carlson. George grabs Carlson and throws him on the big square table in the middle of the room and punches him until his nose is bleeding like a waterfall.

        Carlson tries to defend himself and throws George on the iron stove, but George was to fast then throws Carlson on the stove. he puts Carlson on fire; candy runs and goes gets the boss before they kill each other. Carlson panics and caught the whole room on fire and throws himself out the window. By the time the boss and Candy show up it was to late there was nothing they can do to save Carlson now. Carlson burned to death, the only thing left from his burning  body were his bones.

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