by Lillian

     An earthquake is a shaking of the ground caused by movements of the earth. The crust of the earth is made up of pieces called plates. A fault is where two of the plates meet and push together. When the rocks break after the plates on the earth’s surface push for so long then there is an earthquake. An epicenter is the spot above an earthquake.

Bad Earthquakes.

     Earthquakes can damage lots of stuff like buildings, houses and the ground. After an earthquake there can be an aftershock. An aftershock is a kinda smaller earthquake that happens after the big earthquake. An aftershock can knock down smaller buildings. After an earthquake there can also be rubble. Rubble is big or small pieces of buildings that gets knocked down.

A picture of people trying to fix something that fell during an earthquake.
A picture of a building that split from an earthquake.
A picture of a broken road.

Strong Earthquakes.

      A seismograph is something that measures how strong an earthquake is. There is a needle that moves up and down for a big or small earthquake. If it is a big earthquake the needle makes large marks. If it is a small earthquake the needle makes small marks. A richter scale is a number that tells us how strong the earthquake is.

Where Earthquakes Happen.

     Earthquakes happen wherever the plates meet. Some meet in Los Angeles, Alaska and Armenia.

A picture of the plates.

A Video That Tells About An Earthquake.

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