Born May, 18 1983

Vince Young

Vince Young's College Career

What Vince Young does now?

Right now Vince Young is ready to get back in the NFL and has one kid. He loves to travel! saddly Vince Young is short on money and is broke. But what he loves even more is to cook. Vince Young opened up his first steak house in Austin where he went to school. What I like about Vince Young is that he doesn't give up he wants to get out and get back in the NFL. That is the kind of mentality I want to have!

Vince Young got accepted to UT in 2002 as a quarterback and was ready to play for Mac Brown. He was red shirted his first year. During Vince Young's career as a Texas Longhorn he had a average of 163 throwing yards a game! Not to mention 37 career rushing touchdowns. He also was also up for the hiesman but got outvoted by Reggie Bush. I think Vince should of got it!!!

Why does Vince Young inspires me? Vince Young inspires me because he is a great player and loves the game. What is special about Vince Young is that he is a fighter not just in the NFL. His dad was put in jail and missed most of Vince Young's life he was raised by his Mom and his Grandmother. He was kept in faith and had to be the man of the house this is why he is such a good leader. I like how he had to fight to get where he is now.

  • Vince Young has been awarded many of awards
  • ESPY Award
  • Rookie of the Year 2002
  • Rose Bowl
  • broke record in 2006 for 1,000 rushing yards
  • He was also up for the Hiesman


Besides all the other celebrities Vince Young likes to stick with one girl. I like that about him. Most can't handle their spouse for 1 month and Vince is at ten months and is only thinking about one girl Candace Young. I think that a tight relationship is important. Thanks for being a great role Model Vince!

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