Elif Büyükuysal

Sailing Through the Twinspace- An etwinning webinar

Hi! I am Elif Büyükuysal from Zonguldak/ Ereğli. It is a small town on the north coast of Turkiye. I have been living in here since 2006 after living in İzmir for 7 years. I got used to living here but İzmir is the city which I will go back one day :)

ı have been teaching for 17 years. To be honest, I have never been interested in projects ,that's because I can't work in a school more than two years. The moment I decide to learn more about projects, I am assigned to another school. But I discovered etwinning projects which made me feel more enthusiastic than Comenius projects :) And now, I am running two projects and the third is coming :) My weak point is that I can't use twinspace actively. I belive, I will be a twinspace expert at the end of the webinar.

I attended a new school a month ago and I have very clever students in my new school. They are running after me to make a project :) In order to be more beneficial for my students , I decided to join the course.

I am very interested in art and culture and social life. In the future, I want to make a Comenius project about these subjects above.

Finally, I am happy to be here because I am always open to new ideas. ;)

PS: In the video below , you see my students:) After the Skype Conversation with Romania, they danced with the music of "Just Dance"

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