Industrial Revolution

The major concepts of the Industrial Revolu

What is the Industrial Revolution

  • The industrial revolution was used to greatly increases output of machine-made goods
  • During theses times there were using hand tools and simple machines to do work

Beginning of Industrial Revolution

  • It started in Britain in the 1760 and  1850.
  • The reason it started in England because of it had natural resources like coal, iron,rivers, and harbors.
  • Britain had all factors of production land , labor, and capital.
  • It had created more houses, work, and manufacturing.


  • (1712)The steam engine was created by Thomas Newcomen. The idea of using steam to make machines to work in the Industrial Revolution was  important then.(1769) James Watt improves the steam engine. After this the steam engine was used in trains, steamboats, and factories.
  • (1764)The spinning jenny was invented by a British carpenter and weaver  named James Hargreaves. This machine can make one ball of yarn or thread at a time this made it easier and quicker to make cloth.
  • (1794) Eli Whitney patents the cotton gin. This machine can separate cotton seeds from cotton fiber. By doing this it reduce time of cleaning cotton and help them make more money.
  • (1844)Samuel Morse invents the telegraph which allow messages to be snet quickly through a wire. By the 1860s, the telegraph wires stretch from east coast of the United States west of the Mississippi River
  • (1846)Elias Howe invented the sewing machine. When he invented this factories can make clothes.
  • (1853)Elisha Otis invent the elevator breaks even though elevators were invented in 1853 people worried about elevators cars falling . Elisha invents the break to stop them from falling.
  • (1855) Bessemer method for processing steel was invented by Henry Bessemer. To make steel quickly and more cheap.
  • (1866)Alfred Nobel creates the dynamite to make a safer way to blast holes in the mountains or ground  than lighting black powder.
  • (1870) Louis pasteur makes vaccines for diseases.
  • there was other inventions but I can't name them all

Industrial Revolution

By the 1780s it was developing for several decades.

Manufacturing, business ,and the number of wage laborers skyrocketed, which had started a trend that would continue into the first half of the 19th century. Meanwhile technology had change hand tools were replaced by steam or electricity driven machine.

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