Jefferson Park

Grace D, Mary K, Maggie H period 8 1/16/14

Jefferson Park is a well known neighborhood located on the Northwest edge side of Chicago. It is near the towns Northwood Park, Forset Glen, and Portage Park. Some attractions near Jefferson Park is the beautiful park shown above. Some other attractions are the Gateway theater, the performing arts center, and The Vic is near by. The history of this neighborhood began with a man named John Kinize Clark. He persuaded the people that came to his tavern and inn to move to Jefferson Park. The town was originally called The Tomas Jefferson Park. Then in the 1850s they changed the name to what it is now. The people that move here are immigrants that came from Poland, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Italy, Czech, and Solvakia. Some interesting facts about Jefferson Park is that it is considered a middle class neighborhood, it also has a very clean environment. The settlement started with traders, hunters, and farmer in the middle 1800s. Jefferson Park has never had a huge population.