Sweet Holiday

Would you like to be with me in this cold holiday?

Where snow is surely falling from the sky I’ll be like your umbrella.

Sit beside the blazing fire of our fireplace while we snug ourselves for warmth.

In these cold days, I want to be your sweet holiday.

Let us ran away from everything else but stay close enough to feel each others’ breath.

I’ll hug you close to me, making you assured that nobody else can make you feel this way.

I’ll let you slumber here in my arms while watching your sweet face for hours.

Can we do it through this cold day; can you let me be your sweet holiday?

Your sadness, worries, anger, depression, let it all out here in my side.

I’ll never let go of your hand nor make it cold and I will cover it with light kisses.

I’ll be your wooly blanket through your coldest and darkest days and I will cover you with my warmth and love.

Even when the cold days are gone I’ll still be your Sweet Holiday.