Continuity or Change (1998-2015)

        Evaluate the extent to which economics, politics, culture, and America’s role in the world from 1988-2015 contributed to maintaining continuity as well as fostering change in the United States.

Thesis: The time period of 1998-2015 represents a major historical mark in history with the major changes and continuities maintained on all aspects of society. Economically, technology continued to advance over time as well as made society more dependent on the knowledge of these devices. Politically, arguments over the meaning and interpretation of the Constitution continued, as well as America's values and dreams becoming more precise. Culturally, different genres of movies and music evolved into society, alongside of popular artists being honored and praised for their works. America's role in the world maintained continuity through the stability of our military force, as well as fostering change through our involvement with new foreign wars.

Document A:

Source: Prince of Egypt, 1998

Prince of Egypt/Film/Culture

Historical Context: This movie marks the the first major creation of animated bible movies in this time period and the expansion of culture and religion to a variety of concepts in order to spread the word of the bible.

Intended Audience: The intended audience for "The Prince of Egypt" was for children. The intent was to introduce children of all ages to the stories of the bible through an animated movie.

Reflection: This movie, "The Prince of Egypt" is significant because it shows how our culture constantly evolved into the creation of animated movies based on true events. This series was one of the first ways that Americans began teaching their children the messages within the bible, but in ways that were beneficial to the child.

Document B:

Source: Obama's Speech, 2007

Obama Speech/Speech/Politics and Power

But as I've traveled around Iowa and the rest of the country these last nine months, I haven't been struck by our differences - I've been impressed by the values and hopes that we share. In big cities and small towns; among men and women; young and old; black, white, and brown - Americans share a faith in simple dreams. A job with wages that can support a family. Health care that we can count on and afford. A retirement that is dignified and secure. Education and opportunity for our kids. Common hopes. American dreams.

Historical Context: This speech presented by President Barack Obama back in 2007 relates to the time period of 1998-2015 because he includes the common values that we as a nation all hold based upon what the Constitution states.

Purpose: The purpose of this speech was to talk about the American Dream and the common grounds that all Americans share together. The speech was made during Obama's first term as the president of the United States and he wanted to express his opinions on how the dream can be achieved.

Reflection:This source represents the theme of the meaning and interpretation of the Constitution and how it affected US politics because it talks about everyone having the pursuit of happiness, freedom, etc. in which the American Dream encompasses all aspects of what the Constitution states. Historians might find this source significant because they will be able to see the constant affects of the American Dream over many generations and how it will always apply to the lives of Americans.

Document C:

Source: Iphone 3, 2007

Iphone 3/Artifact/Work, Exchange, Technology

Historical Context: This document from 2007 relates to this era because it displays the advancement of technology specifically cellphones and how it has handicapped society, making us more dependent on these apps.

Purpose: The purpose of the iPhone 3 was to create a smart phone that could help to assist anyone with their daily needs. The iPhone 3 was created in 2007 because technology was advancing and everyone needed an extra hand in solving issues.

Reflection: This image of the iPhone 3 represents the advancement of technology, meanwhile giving the user new apps to use so that the government can track them down easier if need be. This source will be considered significant because numerous amounts of iPhones are now in use, expanding it's database, in which gave the government easy access to information.

Document D:

Source: iPod Nano, 2008

iPod Nano/Photo/Work Exchange and Technology

Historical Context: This document relates to this time period because it also shows how technology advanced and made society more dependent on handheld portable devices that allows us to listen to music anywhere.

Intended Audience: The intended audience for this document was anyone of all ages. The intent was to give multiple options to anyone who loves to listen or watch music videos anywhere that they wanted to.

Reflection: This document represents the theme because it shows how technology advanced back from a regular MP3 player where you couldn't watch anything to having screens available to watch the video while your listening to the music. The iPod Nano will have long-term significance because it was the first device created that allowed consumers to do multiple things alongside of listening to music.

Document E:

Source: Death of Micheal Jackson, June 2009.

/serial; newspaper/ culture/ Middle school.

                         THE NEW YORK TIMES:  MICHEAL JACKSON

Michael Joseph Jackson’s story was a quintessentially American tale of celebrity and excess that took him from musical boy wonder to global pop superstar to sad figure haunted by lawsuits, paparazzi and failed plastic surgery.

At the height of his career, Mr. Jackson was indisputably the biggest star in the world; he sold more than 750 million albums. He spent a lifetime surprising people, in his last years mainly because of a surreal personal life, lurid legal scandals, serial plastic surgeries and erratic public behavior that turned him — on his very best days — into the butt of late-night talk-show jokes and tabloid headlines.

Mr. Jackson died at age 50 in Los Angeles on June 25, 2009. His death itself became an enormous spectacle. On television and on the Internet, tens of millions of people worldwide watched a memorial service at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Historical Context: The most influential American musician of the 20th century, Micheal Jackson known as the "King of Pop" died on the 25th of June, 2009. He was well known for his contributions to music and dance which made him a global figure in popular culture for over four decades.

Intended Audience: This document wasn't addressed to anyone in specific but to those who wanted to know about this great American musician and how he had died. However the intent of this piece of document was to clarify the myths concerning his death, due to the fact that he was a well known individual.

Reflection: This document relates to the theme because it shows how Micheal Jackson impacted pop culture all over the world and till today he's still acknowledged for his great works of art. Through his unique works he has been able to impact some well known artist of today such as Madonna, Usher and Justin Timberlake.  Micheal Jackson would remain significant in the aspect of music and dance due to his unique ideas which would make him an icon for other musicians to look up to.

Document F:

Source: President Barrack Obama's Victory Speech, 2012.

/Sound Recordings/ Politics and Power/ Middle School.

Historical Context: President Obama, after his re-election into office on November 7th 2012, gave his "victory" speech. He used this venue to appreciate his colleagues, family and also fellow Americans for his success and their contributions. As the 1st African American President, his re-election was really appealing to many Americans due to the fact that many enjoyed his time in that position and loved that he continues.

Intended Audience: This speech was mainly addressed to Americans as a whole. It was intended to communicate the feeling of appreciation from President Obama to all Americans and also inform them that it's the beginning of progressing towards a greater nation.  

Reflection: This document relates to the theme because it shows how the people can impact Politics and Power through their participation in their right of voting. Through this document historians would be able to view the reaction of the people on the success of the election. They would hear the reaction from the audience while Obama was giving his speech and view how much this event had impacted president Obama.

Document G:

Source: Boston Marathon Bombing, 2013

/Government Recordings: Case Transcript/ America in the World/ High school.

                                  Boston Marathon  Bombing.

"On April 15, 2013, two pressure cooker bombs placed near the finish line of the Boston Marathon detonated within seconds of each other, killing three and injuring more than two hundred people. Law enforcement officials identified brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as primary suspects in the bombings. After an extensive search for the the unidentified suspects, law enforcement officials encountered Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Water town, Massachusetts. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was shot during the encounter and was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who fled the scene, was apprehended the following day and remains in federal custody."

Historical Context: The Boston Bombing that took place on April 15th, 2013 was tragic and unexpected occurrence that consumed the lives of two and injured an estimate of over 200 individuals. This event affected the United states foreign policies, bringing some changes to issues like gun control and immigration. Some of the injuries from this incident would some leave people with fright throughout their lives.

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to inform people the details of the event and how the whole process of investigation went including the end results of the incident.This document shows how a situations like this would be handled by the government and also how much it can change policies in the country as a whole.

Reflection: The Boston Bombing impacted the lives of many people, living most of them permanently injured. This event has affected the whole of America through the change in foreign policies and also foreigners. Many colleges are now considering to make a diversified student body, in order to justify their acceptation of foreign students because this incident brought up a big issue on the aspect of immigration.

Document H:

Source: ISIS and the United States.

/Music/ America in the World/ Current year.

Historical Context:The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) known to have been born from a brutal al Qaeda faction, are a terrorist group that have been killing, kidnapping and threatening Christians all around the world. They have accumulated the lives of many starting from 1999 and are still in progress till date.  

Intended Audience: This document is mainly addressed to Americans and it is informing Americans of how evil ISIS is and that America needs to start preparing for anything that could come up.

Reflection: ISIS has a connection to the theme of America in the world because it deals with the issue of terrorism. This group of terrorist operate in different part of the world and have began to send threatening messages to the united states for trying to interrupt their affairs. The issue of ISIS is not only concerned by the U.S but by every country in the world. This document would be of great value to historians, as they would be able to view the acts of ISIS in a different point of view and also their cruel deeds.

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