­čĺ¬Road Trip Attractions­čĺ¬

By:Jonathan Benson, Jacob Root, and Trevor Poltorek

On our first leg, we are traveling from Brecksville, Ohio to San Francisco, California and we stopped  at Park  City Ski Resort in Park City, Utah.

On our second leg, we are traveling from San Francisco, California to Los Angeles, California and stopping at Full House, House in San Francisco!

On our third leg we are travelling from Los Angeles, California to Las Vegas, Nevada and stopping at Long Beach, California!

On the forth leg of our trip we are travelling from Las Vegas, Nevada to Charlotte, North Carolina and on our way we stopped at he four corners monument between Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado.

On our last leg of the trip we are travelling from Charlotte, North Carolina to Brecksville, Ohio we our stopping at Woodward East in Woodward, Pennsylvania!

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