Our class went to Crystal Cave yesterday and it was awesome! In one room of the cave the tour guide told us a story about a story about a boy named Charlie and there was rocks that went with the story. In another room we saw a bat sleeping. Bats are nocturnal animals which means they only can see at night. In the winter Crystal Cave has about 700 bats but I only saw 2. Crystal Cave has 4 different kinds of bats. They are the little brown myotis, the big brown bat, the tri colored bat, and the northern long eared myotis. Once we were done in the cave we went sifting for minerals in bags of dirt. We put them in the water and all the dirt drained out leaving the minerals in the dish. There were many different kinds of minerals you could get. I hope I can go back to Crystal Caves soon. By Jessie

This is a picture of a bat. It eats about 3,000,000 bugs a night.
This is the ghost of Crystal cave.
Here is when we were sifting for gemstones.
This is stalactite. Stalactite grows down from the celing.

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