The ABC's of culture
  Created by: Haley Mcleland

Iceland is located on the continent Europe. Since it is completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, it is considered an island.


-In Iceland even though it is green it is still cold because it is close to the north pole.

-Because it is cold Iceland is especially known for its wool sweaters. Also they have to dress warm because of the climate.

-Most of the people in Iceland like to keep up with trendy fashions from the United States and from other parts of Europe.

Trendy cloth fashions for women is Europe.


-A big pop-star in Iceland is Bjork and he was born in Reykjavik and he has international success.

-The government is also very supportive of the music and very encouraging.  

-In Iceland they have a Symphony Orchestra.  

A Symphony Orchestra in Iceland


-The first settler was in 874 and he founded Reykjavik which is now the capital of Iceland.

-In the mid 1600's the Danish monarchy established a trade monopoly with Iceland.

-In the 17th and 18th century Iceland lost it's self government and it's free trade. That time period is now considered the "Dark period".

The founder of Reykjavik, Ingolfur Arnarson.


-Some popular dishes are Hangik jot (smoked matton) and Skyr (similar  to yogurt).

-Some really basic foods are fish, lamb, and dairy products.

-Potatoes are in ALMOST every dish!

Potatoes. In almost every dish.

X Marks The Spot

-Iceland is the second largest island in Europe

-In Iceland mild earthquakes are common.

-Iceland is green and Greenland is icy!

The weird icy Greenland and green Iceland.


-Principle #3 culture is learned or inherited. In Iceland their is a holiday that is called Konudagur, and it celebrate's women. The men are supposed  to do the treating with flowers or other gifts to their significant women.

-Principle #4 culture is both seen and unseen. In Iceland seen culture is going to church, and unseen is that they believe that elves are real.

-Learning about different cultures was fun, and I learned so many things I never knew before like that Islams pray 5 times a day! I also learned that you cant just make assumptions because of what people look like and also that culture is very important to lots of people and you have to be careful of what you think and say because everyone is different and you, just be you!  

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