World War One Photo Essay

Causes of the war

The picture above, captures German Troops traveling through Belgium to France. The Germans were planning to invade France, and they had two routes they could take. They were either travel through Belgium or cross directly into France. Germany picked to go through Belgium because it was closer to Paris, and it had a weaker military. The other way through the French border was longer and more mountainous. When the British and other allies got news of Germany invading Belgium, they thought poor Belgium and decided to help defend Belgium.    #imperialism  #militarism

WWI weaponry and technology

The British were the first to introduce the tanks to the world war. In this photo, it shows some German soldiers that have captured a British "Mark IV" tank and put the German Cross on it. Sitting on top of the tank is a group of soldiers trying to get the tank up and running again, while others watch. Though it might look like they knew what they were doing, they probably didn't. The technology was so advanced and unknown, that no one knew how dangerous or complicated it was.

#militarism  #technology

World War I contained a mix of the old and the new. The war started at the turning point in history that was full of new discoveries and advancements in technology.  As you can see above, there are British men with horses and mules, then stopped right behind them is a camouflaged tank. At first this picture looks fake, but in reality that is how they fought. Also technology didn't move as fast as they needed, so a mixture of old and new technological advances were used to fight the war.



Soldier life

The life of a soldier was dangerous and unpredictable. Most of the soldiers didn't pick to be there, they were chosen having no idea what they were up against. This was like a guinea pig war, because it contained the most advanced technology. Though the effects were unknown, they used them and waited to see what would happen. In the picture, the gas looks like fog. It makes you uncertain about what could happen behind it. And that's how the phrase "the fog of war" was coined. Since all the confusions and unknown of the war was like this gas.


When talking about WWI, you don't typically discuss how the war had impacted the individual soldiers life's. But if you do talk about the soldiers, it is usually about the deaths or how miserable fighting was. For the soldiers that did survive the war, their life's were hard. They could have come home with anything from PTSD to blown of limbs. In this photo it shows a French soldier at the American Red Cross getting a mask. Now not only will life be hard because of war memories; he has to walk around with a mask on his maimed face.


Civilian life

This is a newspaper article about a German submarine that sunk a British ship full of innocent civilians. Though none of these people had anything to do with the war, the Germans only saw it as a British ship. Military leaders (especially German) did not care how far they went to get what they wanted.


This was a big time in history for women, getting to work men's jobs. When most the men went of to war, the women replaced the men in the jobs they left behind. Though they originally signed up to preform the men's tasks, that didn't happen. Since the need for money and resources was so great, it effected everyone at home. Now that the country's main focus was the war, it meant everyone's main focus was the war. The mills and factories that the women went to work in ditched their old products and built for the military.


Impact of the war

This is the town of PĂ©ronne in France after the Battle of the Somme. These were peoples homes and lives, but to the militaries it is just more land to fight on. They didn't care who or what got in their way, they just wanted to win.   #totalwar