Brands            Viviana S.

My favorite brands:

1. Nike

2. Apple

3. Google

4. YouTube

5. McDonald's

Nike is my most favorite brand because it catches my attention easily , And everytime I go shopping I focus more on buying Nike clothes or shoes. Even if it's expensive I will still buy It because if if its too expensive I still think ill look good when wearing it. I fell comfortable wearing Nike shoes or clothes as well. I'm a fan to Nike because the new clothes they have each time makes me want to save money so I can buy it because it's that expensive, no matter how expensive it is I'll always keep in mind that I have to save money. Nike will have to just shut down

Google is my second favorite brand because it's a great brand that I use it everyday and it's very helpful when it gets to school work or anything besides school. I'm also a big fan of Google because it always helps me with everything, searching new things when it gets to homework. Google will have to shut down or not have as many answers for me to stop being a fan.



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