Ayden Keenan-Olson


14 year old teen took his life because of bullying. Ayden Keenan-Olson, was found dead in his bed by his father.He had taken an overdose of prescription drugs and left two suicide notes outlining the homophobic and racist bullying he had experienced at Philip Morant school.Ayden's mother, Shy Keenan, an author and prominent child abuse campaigner, said he had been "bullied to death". A police investigation found that in the month leading up to his death Ayden had bypassed settings on his computer to research suicide methods on the internet.The Essex coroner, Caroline Beasley-Murray, recorded that Ayden's death was the result of suicide.Ayden had attempted to take his own life six months earlier.The school's headteacher said Ayden had reported up to 20 incidents of bullying since joining the school.

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