Secret Service Project

By: Pierce

              We did a project called mission possible. Each day we did an act of kindness to one person. We had to be stealthy. We could not let them know about our project or else our cover would be blown.                                                                                                                                 Sunday, me and my brother made a cake for my mom. Monday, I helped do chores for my dad without complaining. Tuesday, I smiled at 3 random people. Wednesday, I played with my neighbor who doesn't have much friends. Thursday, I spoke kindly all day long. Friday, I picked up Halloween candy wrappers after we got back from trick or treating. Saturday, I went outside and played with my dog and fed him.               This project has encouraged me to act kindly more often. It has shown me how happy it makes them and how proud it makes me. This was all about doing kind things without receiving anything in return. I have learned from this project that you dont have to get anything in return for being kind.                                                                                                         I enjoyed this project because it was fun and easy. I hope I have been helpful over the week. Some days were harder then others. I didnt have much time to do kind things most of the time but I still managed.

This is a picture of an Afghanistan person with no legs giving an American soldier lemonade.
Me and my brother surprised my mom by making a cake for her. This is the cake holder we made it in.

This song goes with this project because it is all about caring for other people no matter their appearance.

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