Domestic Abuse Protest Song

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3 years ago

“I can get out”
[Verse 1]
You were very supportive, but you were too clingy
Told me that you were the only one that loved me
Treated more like your child than a wife
The temper tantrums you had nearly threatened my life
Distance from others became stronger
Sacrifices I made became harder
Going to battle, every time I go home
Your concept of tough love makes me want to be alone
Bundle up but not because im cold
Hiding our lies that could never be told
The thing people ponder is why I'm so dependent and why can't I leave
And why I love a person who barely lets me breathe
Maybe because growing up I never knew what love was suppose to be
And now my kids won't either cause of mommy and daddy
Maybe this is the day I pack and go
Cause another day home is equivalent to living in the inferno
It's not easy livin life in world war 3
Never knowin what love could be but now I've seen
Can we just work it out? How will I get out now?
I'm trapped in a endless battle, I know I've got to get out now
But for right now I just don't know how
[Verse 2]
You're lonely and so am I
And I know we both have unresolved pain inside
I don't mean to hurt you I just have anger to relase
I promise that was last time, let me try to keep the peace
It's just the way I was raised it kinda seemed like the norm
Having respect for women was like the late bird catching the worm
But let's be real I know you were basically asking for it
Both arguing loud and you had a big fit
Put your fingers in my face and you would never stop
Brought me back to many memories and to many problems that made me bust my top
As I try to defend myself I see excuse shrinking
Using my fist to your face no longer should be my healing
Temper got a little out of hand, cause I'm more insecure then you could ever imagine
But no one wants to help cause they see it as the damsel and the dragon
Passing this down to my kids and having them live a lie
Knowing they hear the screaming,punching, arguing and mommy's piercing cry
Walking around saying home is comfort but when they're home they would rather die
Forced to live lie and their life is like "Runway Love"
As for mom she really needs a hug not the drug
No more saying I know you want it
Let's actually be adults and talk and confront it
It's not easy livin life in world war 3
Never knowin what love could be but now I've seen
Can we just work it out? I don't want us to get out now.
It seems like an endless battle, i know I can stop
But for right now I just don't know how
[Verse 3]
Mama please stop crying, I can't stand the sound
Your pain is painful and it's tearing me down
You fight about money, bout me and my brother
This isn't a family, aren't we suppose to love one another?
Hiding under my covers hearing glass break
Sometimes I like to think it was just a mistake
Daddy didn't hurt mama, she just fell right?
Another lie im told to get me through the night
Why was he so mad? I never really knew
All I know is that with another fight comes another bruise
You see our family portrait, we all look very happy
But trust me those lies come naturally
I just want to runaway from all of this pain it's so hard to explain
But I know things will never be the same
Within a blink of a eye for all I know we all could die,
it's war zone
And I pray everyday that it would end
Please somehow I want it to all be pretend...
It's not easy growin up in world war 3
Never knowin what love could be but I've seen
They couldn't just work it out. It all came crashing down
God received some new Angels now
I guess that's how we all got out.

3 years ago
3 years ago