Baylor University

                      Mascot: Judge Joy

        Campus History and Origin

The University of Baylor is a 4 year university. The university was founded in the year of 1841 for the use of a baptist university. They officially started to open up the university in the year of 1845 when they decided also on calling it Baylor University.

In the year 2015 Baylor had an enrollment of 13,292. Baylor has become throughout the years a private university.

The university is known for science and engineering. Persuading people to take courses into doctors, physical therapist, or any type of endorsements. The students at the University get involved with any organizations at the school. Including sports, UIL, or academic activities.

Another commonly known feature at Baylor is the athletics. The athletics at Baylor has raised over 305 million dollars for scholarships. Baylor has many title rankings in all sports such as football, basketball, etc.

                   Baylor Fight Song:

          Admission Requirements

  • A signed DPD verification statement from the Program Director of a Didactic Program in Dietetics.
  • A combined GRE (Graduate Record Exam) score of at least 297 with a 148 in Verbal and a 149 in Quanitative (new scoring system) or at least 1000 (old scoring system) in the verbal and quantitative portions, and a minimum GRE analytical writing score of 3.5.
  • An overall minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Meet medical and physical fitness standards.
  • A favorable security investigation completed.
  • Meet service specific age requirements.

                  Tuition and Cost


Tuition and Required Fees Amount Estimate for
12 Hours or more Tuition, per semester (12 hours or more)*

Less than 12 hours, per semester hour $17,240.00

$1,437.00 $17,240.00 General Student Fee, 12 hours or more per semester

Less than 12 semester hours, per semester hour $1,820.00

$152.00 $1,820.00

Course or Lab Fee, (minimum) varies per course $50.00 $50.00

Chapel Fee $70.00 $70.00 Matriculation Fee (1st time Freshmen and transfer undergraduate students only) $100.00 $100.00 Total required tuition and fees

Parking Permit, annual $350.00 $350.00 **The Works-16 Meal Plan, per semester $2,267.17 $2,267.17 ***Residence hall room, per semester
(community bath only) $2,800.00 $2,800.00
Total Estimate $24,697.1

                         Campus Life:  

At the University of Baylor they have "Day of the Bear" which involves the students and facility staff enjoying the day. They encourage them to hang out at the coffee shops reflections in the chapel or trying to connect with other students to feel more welcome into the campus.

Degree Plan:Mechanical Engineering

Cover Letter for Automotive Engineering Position

Good Evening Employer,

I am here to give you information on my skills and attributes that will help the business of chevy grow and become more successful. My experience in the automotive field is greatly well and is an interest i have taken very seriously. I am and employee that will get the job done whenever asked to do so and will not allow the company to fall due to my mistakes.

As of now I do not work for a big company but simply take my time studying the way cars are built and fix others on my spare time. I always make sure the task I am taking hold of is done correctly and satisfies those in need of assistance.

I am also currently enrolled in a Engineering Design class that shows me how to build and dimension parts of anything I need to build. This helps me become a better engineer and helps me understand more of the way types of material need to be built. I would wish to have an interview and would hope to hear back at your earliest convenience.


Noah Varela

Noah Varela

87 Washington Street

El Paso, Tx 79938



           Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

It is without a doubt for writing this letter of recommendation for Noah Varela and getting his chance in automotive repair at Chevy Motor Vehicles. Mr.Varela, who is excellent at his position in hands-on activities with any kind of vehicle. He is a kind, hardworking, determined, and involved person with perfect behavior.

Many of Noah’s abilities is that he is quick learner and always takes action to make things happen. Education is simple, if you’re Noah because remembers all the topics that were taught like they were car parts. As I been observing him, he has shown nothing less than one-hundred percent on duty. Seeing Mr. Varela strive for making the future a better place fixing cars so they can go any place they want without trouble. His abilities as an intelligent, hardworking, hands-on, and determination towards success has gotten him to the future.

Mr. Varela is ready for any challenges that may rise in his way. I assure you that he can tackle them down. There is no question that Noah can greatly benefit the repair section of your business. If you have any other questions about Mr. Varela contact me at or via phone (915)-227-9695

Much appreciation,

Christopher Maree Jr.


El Dorado 9th Grade Academy


Noah Varela

El Paso, TX 12345


Certified Mechanical Engineer

Hardworking Mechanical engineer willing

to complete any task given and is willing

to work full time (currently working at

autoshop in downtown El Paso.)

  • Core Competencies
  • Open thinker
  • Communication skills
  • collaborative
  • Automotive Experience

Professional Experience

Has worked for small business in the field

of automotive, electrical, etc.

Has studied all fields of engineering and

is highly intelligent with working in any

type of study or different task given.

  • Key Contributions:
  • Have been currently studying more into the field of engineering and is taking higher courses to become a better enforcer on the job and become more knowledge.
  • Has a high rating of communication skills and is commonly known to work well with others and/or make a deal or business improve and make sure the customer and the company working for gets what they desire.  
  • Commended on many attributes and skills and is given a very Extreme amount of effort given and is also asked to make sure the task is done and is awarded when the task is completed.

          Scholarship Persuasive Essay

Engineering is a course in never thought I would be taking as i grew older. I've simply grown a strong passion for the job and am always looking forward to creating new materials for the world and making a better place. When it comes to building, fixing, replacing or etc, I always try and make my customer satisfied with what they are wishing to have. I am always a hardworking student and when given a task i never fail to accomplish it. I will make sure the campus if i attened looks good and will put in all the effort i possibly can put in and grow in my future career.

At the University of Baylor I see the campus as a great school and is a type of school that will help me grow as an engineer and make me a better employee for the job. I am simply wishing to attend the college to take in as a mechanical engineer to become an employer who makes the world more simpler and easier. Before i chose the path of mechanical engineering i was going towards the automotive side of the job. Later on as I got older I saw that I was becoming more better into the field of mechanical engineering and creating new and better prototypes of now a day objects. It is a type of task i am willing to put in the effort for and am trying to major in the field of engineering.

One man who was unaware but simply put effort into another task was Martin Luther King Jr. He was just an ordinary man living with unequal rights with his family. Until one day without thinking about in he took a stand for all black men and women to receive their rights as human beings. He was putting in the effort and would not give up on his task and had always wished of him finishing the goal and accomplishing it. I see my effort into this field as he did. I will put in effort and will not stop until i achieve my goal which is to graduate for the University of Baylor and major in mechanical engineering.

The dream i have now as a young adult is to be accepted into Baylor University to become a better engineer. I believe that if i always look forward in trying to achieve my goals i will be able to accomplish them.

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