By: Carson Johnke

Why Pyramids were built

Pyramids were built for pharaohs to be buried in. Some pyramids took a long time to build and many people died from it. Sometimes is people weren't building fast enough they would be arrested or sometimes worse. Pharaoh Khufu's tomb took 40 years to build. He would stand watch every day and watch it tower over the land.

Where Pyramids were built

Pyramids were built by northwest Memphis and Giza. 3 of the most well known and best preserved pyramids are in Giza. The most famous is the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx.

How Pyramids were built

They were built with a upward slant. A guy named Imhotep thought of the design. But it took several more years to finally have the design work. It took thousands to ten thousands to build and took many years.

Protecting the mummy from grave robbers

The people of Egypt had many ways of protecting the mummy. Some of the ways were to dig very deep, have dead ends that you couldn't get out of, traps, and locked doors. On the tomb there were supposedly curses to protect them from being opened.

Types of people that build the pyramid

There were many duties for making a pyramid. Some of which are scribe, mortar maker, miner and carpenter. The scribes wrote down orders, the mortar maker made the mortar to stick to the stone, the miners made one of the three quarries and supplied it with stone, carpenter were used for the right tool angle and for making the right sized blocks.

Grave Robbers

Grave robbing was the worst crime to commit in Ancient Egypt. There plan was to grab and get away as fast as possible. They believed that when they took treasure from the body it would disrupt Ba and Ka. Ba watches over your family while Ka watches over the Land of Two Fields. They would meet at night. It they didn't meet at night your body wouldn't be able to live for eternity.

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