Come join the fun in the trenches!

In the trenches, we, the lice, love to live in the soldiers hair, and on their body. Come join the fun, the best part is when we bite them we get to leave our blotchy red marks on their bodies. The stench we leave has a sour, stale smell. Its a very repulsive smell but they cant leave the trench so they're forced to deal with it.  We leave our eggs on the clothes they wear, when they put them on their body head hatches the eggs! If you came and joined the lice in the trenches you would be the happiest you've ever been! Its very rare to get rid of us in the trenches, because the hygiene is so bad. One of the only ways to get rid of us is to wash your clothes with hot water and dry them in the hot sun. Sometimes that doesn't even work. If you want the best experience of your life, come to the trenches to feast on the delicious soldiers!

"I am a sucker for the trenches!"
"These dang Lice are making me really sick!"

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