Islam religion

A monotheistic religion

The religion of Islam was founded by Muhammad who was born in the oasis town of mecca around A.D. 570.  

The original location that the religion came from was the Arabian peninsula in 610 CE.

the Jewish and Christian scripture's are called the Quran  this is the sacred texts of  Islam that is believed to be the holy word that god spoke to Muhammad.

the leader of the religion is caliph who is the successor of Muhammad as political and religious leader to the Muslims .

the sects of this religion are the Sunnis with fallow Muhammad's examples and the shi'a that believe that the daughter of Muhammad and the descendants of Ali are the true sects.

the Islamic people's basic beliefs are that there is only one god they also believe in the five pillars which are:

1. declaration of faith

2. daily prayer

3. alms for the poor during Ramadan

5. hajj

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