Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas


  • To be admitted into Texas A&M you must complete the recommended or distinguished high school plan, which include 4 credits of math, science, english, social studies, and 2 years of a foreign language.
  • Students in the top 10% of their high school graduating class are to be automatically admitted. Students in the top 25% must make a combined SAT math and critical reading score of 1300, with at least a 600 in each, or a composite ACT score of at least 30, with a test score of at least 27 in both math and english.
  • December 1st is the fall admission deadline.
  • The application fee is $75.
  • To contact the admission office you can call 979-845-1060 or email admissions@tamu.edu

Academic Costs

  • The annual cost for one year tuition and fees is approximately $1,980.
  • The estimated annual cost for books and supplies is $1,000.


  • To contact the scholarships office you can call 979-845-3982 or email scholarships@tamu.edu
  • Although there are many scholarship opportunities, I am interested and eligible to apply for the Academic Achievement Scholarship. It is given to students with academic achievement in a college preparatory curriculum. Additional factors include leadership, community service, and special talents. Students can apply by using the ApplyTexas Application for Freshman Admission. Students must complete the admissions application and the scholarship application. Deadline is December 1st.

Financial Aid

  • Texas A&M offers many financial aid options, such as grants, loans, scholarships, and student employment opportunities.
  • Financial aid forms must be faxed, mailed, or given in person and deadline is June 30th.

Housing Costs

  • The housing application process for residence hall students closes when it is full and is $50 for the application fee. For the previous years, the housing application process has closed before May 1st.
  • The average on/off campus housing is about $9,522.
  • To contact the housing office call 888-451-3896 or email housing@tamu.edu


  • Texas A&M provides regular part-time employment, Federal or Texas college work study jobs, community service programs, and graduate students may be hired as teaching, research, or non-teaching assistants.
  • To contact the employment office call 979-845-4274 or email dof@tamu.edu

Campus Visits

  • There are many types of campus visits, such as academic appointments, walking tours, residence hall tours, and corps of cadets tour.
  • To set up a campus visit call 979-845-5851 or email visit@tamu.edu

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