The nobles had a great fashion sence the nobles love for beauty began with their own appearances they had magnificent hand wraps. They had silk robes and gold jewelry. Nobles loved elaborate outfits. For example women wore grounds made out 12 layers of silk.

Back on in ancient times, the nobles life style in Japan was easy and removing, and because of this they call themselves "dwellers among the clouds." The members of the court (the nobles/an order to help the emperor make decisions) love beauty and elegance. And because of this love, so many nobles were great supporters of the arts. Therefor, the court at Heian became a great center of culture and learning for Japan. In fact, the time period between 794 and 1185 was a golden age of the arts in Japan.


The nobles' love of beauty had begun with their own appearances. The nobles loved elaborate outfits so much, that they stuffed their wardrobes full of silk robes and gold jewelry. For example, noble women wore long made of 12 layers of colored silk that had been cut and folded to show off many layers at once.