A. Fill in the blank spaces using the correct personal pronoun (subject): I, you, he, she, it, we, you, and they.

1. Hello! How are ________? ________? am fine, thanks.

2. Peter and I aren’t in the same class but ________? ________’re good friends.

3. Mrs Graf isn’t my mother. ________’s my teacher.

4. Mr Park is Portuguese. ________ lives in Lisbon.

5. Tim and Mark aren’t singers. ________ are football players.

6. That computer isn’t modern. ________ is an old one.

7. You and John look so young! ________ are handsome.

B) Fill in the blanks using the possessive adjectives: my, your, his, her, its, our, your, their.

1. Brian is a boy and __________ surname is Forbes.

2. The cat is a pet. __________ ears are black with white spots.

3. I’m a designer and __________ favourite TV channel is “Fashion”.

4. It is raining and you haven’t got __________ umbrella with you.

5. Nanny and you are twins. __________parents are Mr and Mrs Brown.

6. Take these colouring pencils. I like __________ colour.

C) Fill in the blank spaces with the correct full forms of the verb “To Be”.

1. _________ your favourite school subjects Music and Arts? No, they _________.

2. _________ his surname Carter? No, it _________.

3. His surname _________ Goldberg.

4. I _________Tom Cruise’s fan. _________ you his fan, too?

5. _________ you Brian? No, I _________.

6. I _________ in the classroom.

7. _________ you Mary? No, I _________.

8. _________ your pen blue? yes, it _________.

Fill in the blanks with: What, how, when or where.

_________ is your name?

_________ old are you?

_________ is your birthday?

_________ is your telephone number?

_________ is your address?

_________ is your favourite football team?

_________ is your school?

_________ many brothers and sisters have you got?

_________ do you live?

_________ do you go to Paris?

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